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Back from London, Kareena attended Bajrangi Bhaijan promotions wearing a printed Issa. While I can’t fault the outfit, something felt off about the look and I think it was the eye-makeup. Just me feeling that way?


Kareena Kapoor at Bajrangi Bhaijan Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. yes, the make up is off, she looks exhausted, very different form her usual glamorous self. And my eyesight is just fine 🙂

  2. The dress, shoes and hair look great!! But something is off with the makeup. Maybe she’s just tired? Maybe needs a different color lipstick? I don’t know but I agree that something is off.

    • Yup…it is the lipstick that needs to be of a different shade of nude. This one’s washing her out big time to the extent of making her look like a corpse. It’s majorly taking away from an otherwise great look. Maybe she was shooting for a death bed scene prior to attending the movie promo?! That or poor lighting when makeup was being applied.

    • How is this the same look? The only thing that is same is that they’re both wearing a dress and shoes. Ridiculous comment! Why don’t you just comment on Kareena’s look (like most people here have), instead of pitting women against each other for no reason.

      • I think Preeti was referring to a previous derogatory comment ( now thankfully deleted) that claimed that deepika would imitate this look. But I totally get your point.

  3. It’s the lipstick and the eye makeup. A sheer poppy pink and the eyeliner has red/burgundy undertones, which makes it look like she has been crying. She needed more ‘light’ near the eyes and a stronger lip colour!

  4. Print is way too busy for a collar design. Love the hair & smudged eyes – thick brows make up. Very grunge heroin chic. Would be perfect for a jeans+ tank top look.


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