In All Saints

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While most folks went the formal route in gowns, Kareena opted for a party dress . Gold Choo sandals completed her look.

I would’ve liked it but the big hair just felt so same-ole same-ole.

Left: Kareena Kapoor at Karan Johar’s 40th Birthday Bash
Right: All Saints Newaz Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I find it weird that actresses repeat dresses from other actresses. We have already seen a similar dress on Bipasha. This All Saint Aztec dress is so overdone. Kareena could do so much better.

  2. THIS is how you do a Birthday party!!! P&P, you may wanna write “same ol same ol” on Priyanka’s look! Kareena threw this one outta the ball park!!

  3. Looks too. casual for such a formal party where rest of the
    Attendees are dressed to the T. But that aside she looks
    good, she hasn’t sported such a short dress since her size
    0 days.

  4. I love the dress, but Kareena’s legs are too thick and chunky for this dress style, Karishma would have looked much better in this dress and Kareena would have look good in Karishma’s black dress.

    • Agree. I am curious to see what Karisma (who appears to be standing next to her in the second and third photos) was wearing – from the mere glimpse, it looks like the sisters should have switched dresses!

  5. kareena’s thoughts in the third picture: such in the cheeks, suck in the cheeks, the cameras are clicking, give some duck face..pout…ahh perfect!

    • Haha yes I came here to say exactly the same thing. I know she has lovely cheekbones. No need to accentuate them in such a bizarre manner.

  6. She needs to learn how to dress from her sister, the dress is too tight , too short (especially for someone with her legs) and her bust line is popping out. Tacky.

  7. Too tight, too short, too much cleavage.

    Only one of those things should be displayed, not all together. If she wanted to go short, the cleavage makes it look trashy. And if she wanted the push up bra look, the dress should have been longer and looser.

  8. It’s a lovely print but I just feel the dress is too short. She looks va-va-vooom though. I agree with what you mentioned about the hair.


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