Mellow Yellow


Kareena taped for an interview on Thursday and was seen doing a yellow on yellow look in an Alix bodysuit and Zara pants paired with snake-print pumps. While in theory, I like the idea, the pants weren’t working. A simpler flared version without the front piping and belt hoops might have worked better.

Did you like?

Kareena Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral BHayani


  1. I can not only see the panty line but it seems the pant fabric at the back is riding up you know where. And you girls are asking us “did you like?”…

  2. yeah, the panty lines killed it for me. I didnt mind the belt loops at all.

    Also, do you have better shots of the snake print pumps. I do like the combo with that yellow in theory. But I have to see them now!

  3. Didnt she look at herself in the mirror before leaving the house?No one noticed the panty line?Or did she wear this deliberately?So many questions

  4. Why do panties have to be invisible? Women wear panties and panties exist. Most comfortable panties have firm borders and thick lines. Why does women’s clothing have to be designed around hiding panty lines, bra lines, camel toes? I’m surprised how many women here have only commented on the panty line.

  5. Dated… I can imagine her wearing such an outfit in her movie with Tushar Kapoor /fardeen khan.. Maine koi jaadu nahi Kiya! It’s 2019 bebo!!

    • Exactly!! Bell bottoms and tight tops with metallic lips !
      Major fashion faux pas from Kareena who is almost always well turned out .I mean this is worse

  6. Either victim of major fashion faux or ahe is going steep deep in the tackiness category that she may find it difficult to rise again.

  7. looks like a swim top which she paired with matching yellow pant and unfortunately stepped out without looking into the mirror

  8. Nononononononono…the panty lines are gross and while I like the idea of a body suit (don’t ask me how they use the restrooms while wearing one), this is all my greatest fears come to light. The pant material is too thin. I’ve found that issue with Zara pants….any mishap on the innerwear front and BOOM, now the whole world can see it. I dislike Zara for this very reason. Add a light color to a flimsy pant and you have this disaster waiting to happen.

  9. She looks smokin in the first pic, love the combo …it’s a tricky look to pull off but only she could have done it. As far as the panty line is concerned, it can happen to anyone & everyone.



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