Kareena Respects…Mother Earth

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By now, all of you must be familiar with this picture of Kareena during day two of the IIFA awards.

Did you know that the “Respect Your Mother” T-shirt is actually a “Local Celebrity” Tee. “Local Celebrity” in collaboration with the non-profit organization “Global Green USA” launched this Tee to promote awareness about global warming and all money generated from the sale of the Tee will be going to “Global Green USA” to deal with issues associated with global warming.

You can find out more about Local Celebrity here and more about Global Green USA here.

Thanks to “Sneha” for pointing us to this picture.

Kareena, IIFA 2008


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  1. She was on her way for rehearsals of the fashion show held on day two.. since both the events were on the same day, she probably just put her make up beforehand…

  2. my god she looks stunning.
    by the way, is that babita in the background? if it is then holy efword, why would you leave the house looking like that??

  3. she looks like casper the unfriendly ghost there courtesy of makeup

    and just because she wore the Tshirt doesn’t necessarily mean she is all for the cause. Her new man wore “Free Tibet” shirt once and then went to the olympic torch rally and made some ignorant comment while justifying the action.


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