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In a song from ‘Golmaal Returns’, found Kareena Kapoor in multiple outfits from Manish Malhotra’s Fall 08 collection…

And if that grey dress looks familiar, thats coz its been spotted before in a different avatar. Twice




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  1. well, she pull si t off better than Urmila does
    DUUUDE and Urmila wears it in that strange Himesh movie she’s doing too
    I don’t understand why a self-labled fashionista like Kareena even looks at Manish Malhotra’s mediocre work, while someone like a non-fashionista Katrina wears Pucci, Jenny Packman, and Cavali in movies

  2. whyy am i not feeling this song?? and i usually love kareena’s videos!!
    and i think she just blends into the backgroud with that grey dress! its soo not a ‘bollywood no.’ kinda dress!!
    sometimes she comes up looking soo hot.. and sometimes.. sooo wrong! :s

  3. These outfits look like leftovers lying around in his studio which Kareena just picked up to shoot in an emergency. There is obviously no effort or thought that has gone into them. They look totally dated.

  4. The cutouts at the waist are just awful! Even the super skinny model has a mini-tire showing through it.
    Kareena looks good in the red dress though.

  5. Pretty damn mediocre, but I suppose it goes with the movies?? and anoo… I’m pretty sure she signed and acted this film during the stages of her diet… it’s just releasing now.

  6. The clothes in this song are very average, there is nothing designer or Manish Malhotra about them. Pdaervo brings me to an interesting point about Kareena. She was never in the fashionista category, she came into the news for her new figure. Katrina, Sonam, Sushmita, Preity experiment with different looks and can be considered a lot more trendy than Kareena.

    Last point, each time I watch Kareena dancing, I am surprised at how unfeminine she is! She has striking looks and talent but the girl has no physical grace at all!

  7. i absoulutely hate the dress tht carol has on, hated it thn, hated it on urmila n now hate it on her..
    but the second one on is quite likeable…
    manish malhotra used to be the king of coustume designin..i think he’s lost sumwher..
    u’d instantly fall in luv with his clothes..not anymore

    @ NADIA
    i agree with u every bit..the clothes speak nothin abt manish…n tht kareena is nothin wat style is all abt…jus becuz she does bac to bac editorial spread tht duznt make her stylish..
    i srsly wish she had better clothes for sucha bad song

  8. Well, her clothes are ugly but shes looking good in them!! the song is absolutely ghastly and it reminds me of those item songs that girls badly trying to impress directors/producers have to do because they have no other choice!!


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