Kareena Kapoor In Cavalli

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Its undisputed that if anyone had the bod to carry off this dress, it was Kareena. But having said that, the dress by Roberto Cavalli was a little ‘bleh’ for the event and Ms. Kapoor’s tan wasn’t helping at all…

Kareena Kapoor
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. She has always been flat chested, even during her ‘Poo’ days from KHKG, it’s probably more evident now because she is thin everywhere. I think she would’ve looked better if she went easy on the tan. Karishma wins this round.

  2. the blue is way hotter. and kareena can stay thin if she wants but the fake tan has gotta go. i understand she is working towards a change in image and look but i still say stick to what works for you and not on someone else.

  3. I have seen this dress at Sirens and it was around 24 to 30 bucks….if someone likes this dress they can buy it from there. I personally think this dress too shrugged to the body, like it makes it evident you are trying to flaunt your figure. Does not give the elegance…..dump for me ! I liked the hair !

  4. I think that black’s pretty dull…or may be its just the pic… but jet black minus the tan couldve been a head turner for the lady…


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