Trucker Chic?

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Bare midriff, distressed denims and to top it all, stark chunky black shoes. All Ms. Kapoor was missing was a trucker cap to complete this awful attempt at a trucker chic look.


Kareena Kapoor at Shoppers Stop Shopping With Kareena Ericsson Event

Photo Credit: IndiaGlitz

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  1. UGH!! hate when people do these kinda look … like they didnt want to show skin but it just happened !! either u show it boldly or dont show it all !!
    and distressed jeans should be banned … at least ones with too many holes or holes that are too big !!

  2. I like, almost Love the color on her! I have a thing for gun-studs for quite some time. But the entire cute-meets-brash is so unpleasant. It’s an eye-sore.

  3. Haha I like the colour of the shirt but that’s about it…
    She always looks like she’s putting on a show… don’t like the jeans or shoes.. I agree HATE! loll

  4. If the jeans were very dark denims and distressed it could have made my whattey list. She is truly dressed like a tart. What a waste of such beauty.

  5. well, i am probably the only one who things only kareena can pull this look off. It sounds bad when u describe this look and yet somehow kareena looks nice. Love the colour and the gun studs.
    HATE the pout !

  6. Personaly this Kapoor babe has the best skin in the industry, but she suffers from the sheer inability to take advice, big time. So don’t blame her stylist:) Like her make-up, not the pout. And oh the outfit, she needs a denim intervention

  7. such a lovely shirt wasted because of the stylist not turning up…….but do you think kareena could have chosen THESE shoes with her eyes open….???


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