Not Quite

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Neck-up, love it. The color works great for Ms. Kapoor too. It’s the ruffled dress we have a problem with. The addition of the belt didn’t quite salvage it either. It’s a Not Quite for us.

Kareena Kapoor At Hello Hall Of Fame Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. bad, wish she would ask her sister or saif for some input when it comes to her clothes. She is either cheap and does not wish to spend money on her clothes, or has no sense of style. could be both.

  2. i agree..the dress does look a lil weird..but the girl is totally rocking it..she looks elegant and so lovely without being too Miss likey 🙂

  3. I love this… clothes are made to be worn… and she wears this well!
    Sometimes I think people want everyone to look the same… eg deepika’s eyebrows are so hot on euro runways but they don’t fit the bollywood mould. Let the quirks strive!!

  4. there is something so medievalish about this outfit..and not in a flattering way…the gown is great in individual pieces…its all too much..the ruffles, the color…the length..and is it me or does that outfit need a good steam…gurrrlll get ur team to steam ur clothes

  5. SHE LOOKS ADORABLE! I love how she mixes it up and always looks different. she’s doesn’t always have to look vamp like the malaikas! love the simple makeup, hair and dress. GORG!

  6. You cut out the best part of the picture (Saif)!!!! She looks fabulous as always, but wish you’d showed him as well…the teeny bit I can see, he looks GOOD.

  7. I absolutely love this dress its not something u would see kareena wear but her make up n simple hair just looks wonderful and to wear a dress like this u have to have a killer bod. Kareena u rock!


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