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Another gala and we saw Ms. Kapoor in another Cherie D sari. I don’t get why Kanika was drawn to this sari because I don’t see anything unique about it. Or that style of blouse. It always feels like that the strap of the blouse was too loose and just fell off the shoulder. So much so, that I always feel like I should pull it up for her.

Anyhoo, you know how I feel about this look. What do you feel?


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Very few times, you don’t even care for what the person wears because of the sweet demeanor they possess. And this is one of those times. 😛 Not a fan of the sari, I think without the bracelet and the blouse strap on the shoulder, it would have been a lot better. Beautiful face.

  2. I know I might just be crucified for stereotyping but a lot of fashion choices of this woman remind me of middle aged loud women of Delhi who wear the gaudiest of clothes for events!

      • Yup, actually my comment too stems from the fact that I’m born & brought up in Delhi (live somewhere else now) so have seen such women a lot of times.

    • No dear u r nt stereotyping..infact dere r lot many women who favour loud clothes..Kanika hails frm Lucknow n me too..Here I hv seen nt jst mid age women bt older lot too who love super blingy outfits. Dese ladies r basically social butterflies n consider dmselves to b big fashionistas. Such women hv zero personal style n blindly follow ‘trends’.

      • Himani Joshi, you nailed it. Although I can’t comment on women from Lucknow but Kanika’s taste especially in traditional clothes is that typical bling!

        Ranij: Totally detest that blouse and that unimpressive bracelet which doesn’t even match.

  3. Why green shiny bracelet with a shiny blue sari? I feel like fixing her blouse straps that seem to be slipping off. Come to think of it, she does dress OTT a lot. But what a gorgeous complexion she has. I want to know her skin secrets.


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