Sequin Style


Ms. Pinto wasn’t the only one to do a black jumpsuit look on Saturday. Closer to home, Kangna also wore a black jumpsuit to an event in Hyderabad which she paired with pink pumps for pop of color.

We love Kangna for the fact that she always changes it up but this look was bad. The jumpsuit didn’t fall right and the high-waist made Kangna look two sizes bigger than she actually is.

Kangna Ranaut at Bridal Lounge and Rolex Special Edition Launch at Meena Jewellers, Hyderabad

Photo Credit: IdleBrain


  1. um..excuse me sonam’s pr, u two, like seriously!? She looks absolutely gorgeous. this is how u do sequin without looking cheap n that pink pumps is a delicious touch. love the hair too.
    ps: two sizes bigger? where?? she looks hatti katti healthy weight.


    • exactly!but if u comment something even remotely close abt lookin big because of the dress, guess what? comment denied. n this only applies to their favs sonam n aish! i mean sonam is my fav too but im not gonna lie, its only gonna help her thats a true fan rather then blindly worshippin her!


  2. “We love Kangna for the fact that she always changes it up ….”

    you girls love ranaut, full stop. doesnt matter what crap she wears. that shade of pink doesnt go with the metalic accents of the jumpsuit at all. and who wears an entire jumpsuit made of sequins? cheap. and what a wierd neckline.




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