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For a round of movie promotions recently, Kangana picked a diaphanous Eka suit to wear. Matching sandals, dark lip color and double-strand pearl necklace rounded out the look rather well.

Somewhat predictably, my first instinct with this suit would have been to play its soft feminity up with dewy make-up but am glad Kangana stuck to the dark lip color; it grounds the taupe-ish color and adds a pop of visual interest. Kangana looked good!

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Soo good..! But what’s the sheer portion to the ankle.. part of pants?? I’d prefer soft lip color.. the necklace and lip color is another look. And yeah.. spoiler pose again. Like the look in 1st, 4th and 5th pics

  2. Oh I love the suit (a big fan of layers!) and that lip color is great. Wish The make up could have been less heavy and just let the lip color be the highlight here.

  3. The scalloped end of the salwar on her ankles is super pretty..
    Somehow, her face with the heavy pearls, big hair, dark-heavy make up is clashing with the light, diaphanous, delicate outfit…
    Wonder what would fix this.. I would suggest wearing hair up in a loose knot or braid, nude make up, smaller pearls..
    Is she pretending to be a mannequin in the third photo? it looks funny.

  4. Actually there is a lot of visual interest for this look. I was looking at the spring summer 2019 runway shots from across the world and these gauzy layering is evident in suits, dresses, skirts, gowns…. everywhere. This Suit is a pretty smart incorporation of that trend. Sadly these transparent layered outfits are not best suited for my kinda physique, aka a different body fat content :-)

    • @SHM: This. These are the kind of comments that make HHC worthwhile. Kangana is looking awesome and this silhouette is really sophisticated and feminine. Bottom row pictures 1 and 2 are sheer elegance. I got the feeling she switched to a lighter berry lip for her interviews later in the day, but she carries both really well. On another note, have you seen her latest interview with Rajeev Masand? So articulate she is with so much clarity and this was such a treat to watch!

    • Agree. A few years ago Kangana did this unpredictable dark lip with a pale pink/beige Bibhu Mahapatra gown, for her National award, if I remember correctly. She really pulls it off well!

  5. Love this look on Kangana.The sheer overlay definitely makes the crop pants bearable.IMHO crop pants make the wearer look shorter and throws off the overall balance.It only looks alright on taller humans

  6. I like that she is wearing a dark lip color to break the soft look but I’m not sure I would’ve chosen this particular shade. A bit too strong for my taste.

  7. this is not a clean silhoutte. while i like the soft layered look, it seems incomplete to me almost unfinished like they ran short of fabric unfinished.



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