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Considering every first look event of movies these days involves an in-character appearance, we’re glad Ms. Ranaut didn’t go that route! In her off-the-LFW-runway Sabyasachi look, she was a picture of elegance.

P.S. Remember Kajol wearing a mint version of the same sari? Catch it here.


Kangana Ranaut at Rajjo Music Launch

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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Whoa my jaw literally dropped to the ground. She looks amazing H2T. P&P I think you haven’t covered her appearance on the Front Row with Anupama Chopra. She looked amazing there as well & one hellava genuine interview.

  2. watched the kangana interview with anupama chopra!! i was amazed then, i am amazed now too 🙂 for a gal who does not come from any modelling/bollywood background, she has done a great job of grooming hersef.

  3. thank god !! she didnt do the in character look from Rajo !!! that would have been a disaster .. just like the movie is going to be 🙂

  4. Looks like it is made just for Kangana. Striped blouse definitely suits her. It is amazing to see Kangana’s transition to the person she has become. Introspection and humility can take one much higher in life. It shows in her body language and persona. she is just comfortable..

  5. Her face, omg her face, I just can’t stop looking at her face, its gorgeous and glowing
    Rest of the outfit, I find the blouse and sari too mismatched

  6. oh my gosh! this is just pure elegance
    when i saw that blouse on Kajol my first thought was – what was the designer thinking??
    (and i’m a HUGE kajol fan)
    But Kangana makes it work and HOW! Love love love this
    And i think i’ve got a bit of a girl crush on Kangana – especially since hearing her last interview with Anupama Chopra – i know i’m not allowed to post links but if you haven’t seen it – check it out! haven’t seen another Bollywood interview like it!
    When she was asked what made her turn into the fashionista she is today – she said “perhaps I’m trying to overcompensate”. Honesty at its most brutal

    • I love the blouse but i find the saree not expensive looking. Also, i wish the hair and make up was different. Still tied up hair, but different.

      But i have to agree it was a great interview. I loved it when she said she did “stupid” movies because that was what she got back then. Really honest. And i love her for that.

  7. She looks lovely, very elegant. But I have the same pattern top, and if I pair it with a similar saree without the Sabyasachi label tagged along, I probably would be under a WThey, even if I were pulling it off like Kangana.

    • Maybe you should go for it & not care too much about the opinions of others & wear it with great confidence. :p
      Style is breaking the traditional conventions & still owning a look. & this works, because the color spectrum is still the same.(peach/blush is really just a watered down red tone)

  8. Am I the only personal who is not liking this look at all? To start stripes blouse, no combination… Saree color is fading her out ,make is not good in last pic and if her body type was little broader

    • I have no idea how can anyone call this elegant. I usually love Kangana but the sari looks like a cheap forever21 dress material. The hair is just a mess. I love the blouse but it needs another saree.

  9. I don’t get the t-shirt blouse with that saree. Must be one of the few. It’s a novel concept but the saree is a bit gaudy to go with the t-shirt. This is mixing styles gone south.


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