In Valentino


For Katti Batti promotions on Tuesday, Kangana sported a Valentino silk gown. Between the tiers and the multiple patchworks prints, the gown itself was rather busy. Kangana, on her part, toned it down by opting for a simple updo and tan oxfords. But, was it enough to balance the look?

If I go by my first glance instinct, I have to admit, I am not a fan of the gown. I also have a feeling this gown will evoke some extreme feelings, some of you will love it and some rather hate. Let us know by voting on!


Left: Kangana Ranaut at Katti Batti Promotions
Right: Valentino Tiered Gown ( Buy )

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Not the best gown .!! But girl…does she pulls it off and with such an ease..!!
    No one else in the world can save that look, except of course, kangna.!!
    I am not even a die hard kangna fan .


  2. When it comes to such bold, risk-taking sartorial choices, usually the first impression is the one that sticks and works, too. In my case, I absolutely loved the look. She made it work a 100% by keeping the make-up tamed, no accessories, and hair all tied up. Love it!


  3. I don’t know it, but when I come to this blog I am actually looking for Kangana Ranaut. I scroll past the same old over embellished Indian “fushion” and the starlets in their twee little dresses looking ‘just so’. My eyes glaze over and then suddenly, a little inspiration, a little controversy, sparky disagreements over fashion – now that’s what art is supposed to do.




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