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After sporting a sari in the capital, Ms. Ranaut was spotted in another Varma design at the Punjabi Music Awards in Jalandhar, this time in a mirrored beige anarkali.

Between the sheer sleeves and neckline and just the color of the anarkali, it almost feels like Ms. Ranaut is wearing next to nothing. And yet, there is nothing remotely crude about the look. The anarkali isn’t my cup of tea but she still looked great thanks to the simple styling.


LefT: Suneet Varma
Right: Kangana Ranaut at PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2015

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  1. She looks fine even if a bit too bare for my liking – a pair of diamond studs would have helped punch this look up. Also a little tired of “oh its kangana so anything goes” and the “but she somehow makes it work” lines.

  2. I don’t know why but I am kind of getting slightly over on Kangana’s icon thing. Either she gets it exactly right to knock it off or she just misses it completely.
    This is just one plain look for me. Nothing to write about actually. She just wore the dress. No wow styling.

  3. A bold dress…love the design and how border-line risque it is without any vulgarity. Also love the fact that Kangana kept all things simple and plain (make up, jewellery) and let the dress do the talking. This is how it should be done! Bollywood blingers, take note!

  4. With all due respect to Kangana, I agree with someone here who said it looks like she just “wore” the dress and didn’t make any effort with the styling. I look like this when I want to try on something new at home but without hair and makeup in place if that makes sense?


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