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At Manikarnika promotions, Kangana was seen in a green Sabyasachi sari with jewellery also by the designer. If you couldn’t make out which one was the model and which one, Kangana, you wouldn’t have been the only one. :P

Having said that, the sari and blouse sure are gorgeous. I just wish actors would bring their individuality to the outfits as well.

Kangana Ranaut

Photo Credit: Sabyasachi


  1. Even if the accessories are transported directly from the model onto Kangana, this is sensory relief after the last two months of “chaptey” hair and voluminous lehengas. So, a sincere thank you Kangana.

  2. The saree and blouse are interesting. This is actually something I would wear for a wedding reception I am a guest at. I like the look on the model and Kangana looks nice too but the additional necklace was unnecessary!

      • I agree with Payal. Somebody commented that the model is wearing different blouse and vest. I would have completed missed it if it was not mentioned.
        Kangana could have gone for different eye makeup, perhaps opt for the Maharashtrian style of bindi and skipped the bangles. That finger ring too was not required. She could have gone for a neat hairstyle(not oiled, pulled back and not to the side… similar to the model), an earring with chain to hair with pearls. She could have skipped the necklace too since the blouse and the vest is dramatic enough. Just my 2-cents on how it could have been different and suited Kangana and the Manikarnika theme.

  3. That’s fair. However there have been many occasions where you critiqued a look and opined that they should have styled it similar to the model. Can’t have it both ways.

  4. The blouse and vest are s different on Kangana than model. How can any one mistake them for each other? Having said that I prefer Kangana’s outfit and styling better than the model.

  5. This is exactly what I thought when I saw her in these pics!! She ,like so many these days , is drenched head-to-toe in Sabyasachi but still the look is soooo Kangana !! Such a fab mix of both the designer and the muse. Why can’t other actresses who are equally gorgeous bring their own sensibilities to such looks which are done to death by so many others already ?

  6. Imo the kathak dancer vest blouse is unnecessary. Its a lovely saree and would have been elevated by keeping the blouse simple. Props for dulling the metal jewellery but again should be a little more muted. Eg the model’s necklace is good but glass bangles would be better than chunky bracelets.

    Old school here but I feel you have to let one thing shine and let the others recede or complement.

    PS: Agree on too close styling to the model.

  7. Sabya makes his women “perfect as per patriarchal potraits” NOT all women are… there are “rebels” like us who refuse to define modesty to a “pallu” or a pose… insecure women will always be insecure… it’s the lack of insecurity that matters and Kangna has it all:) She doesn’t need chipku hair or has the Mastani fever….

    • Part correct: he creates a woman type with the styling of his clothing lines, very patriarchal by way of no loose flowy hair, flowers, smiles.. rather severe tied hair, heavy jewels and brown tone make up. Don’t get his idea behind such serious tones.
      A while ago only Rani was seen in sabyasachi and she looked royally luxurious in her heavy Indian Sabyasachi apparel, come to today and everyone else looks caged in his pieces.

      • Long back there was a lady who often featured on HHC. Not an actress but a creative at Sabya’s? She brought a strong individuality to the clothes. Not just decorous and pretty.

    • “Or has Mastani fever”…why is Deepika being dragged into this when the post has no connection with her! You can praise or criticise Kangana and /or Sabyasachi without attacking her. PS – Mastani’s clothes were designed by Anju Modi not Sabya.

  8. It’s quite evident that she brought individuality to the look as you put it; by opting not to wear one boob drape and sporting her natural hair

  9. I agree which is why I like Karisma, who sports several designers but even if its an MM or Raw Mango she brings her own touch is very visible, this is true of Rani too.

  10. Love her for always giving us a break from looking at the tacky outfits and hairstyles by rest of bollywood….why don’t others learn a thing or two from her.

  11. I agree with the comment on Kangana bringing her own something to this look. Her natural hair makes it look very Kangana and also really cool.
    As Payal said sometimes it’s ok to style how it’s styled on model, and I think this is a great instance to do so because it’s styled well!
    There are different necklaces but keeping with the same theme, because gold jewelry might make the look less effortless and more formal. The bangles are different and more wearable; also less rings than model as well. Yeah she could have skipped the necklace but it looks good, there’s no need to skip it just for the sake of being different than the model.


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