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Wearing another Péro suit from its recent desi collection, Kangana met her Manikarnika producers on Monday evening. Between the color and design, the suit may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I sure love it.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Pero is so unbelievably overrated. That suit looks like it was made by an amateur fashion school student for a class presentation. Just some chanderi (?) fabric with a strip (Hindi mein hum kehte hain katran) of floral fabric running near the hem. And some fugly lace border on the dupatta and pants. They couldn’t even find a different floral pattern to set this apart from the last navy suit she wore. No finesse no nothing. LOL- what a sorry excuse of a brand.

    Just send clothes free to celebrities and gain SM cred.

    • I had the same question about Pero! Usually their clothes are something so non-designer, checks, plaid simple frocks or this salwar suit. It is simple and nice but as you said it has nothing designer!
      Maybe it is their linen or something because I cannot believe the price point if this is just regular cotton/fabric.

      • I think more than anything, it’s the ethos that the brand is built on. Just some cute details here and there (eg. they’ll embroidered your name somewhere random on the garment, add a few embroidered hearts etc.) and the whole vibe of old world vintage-y dressing. If you notice, the brand hardly ever features their Indian customers (barring Sonam and Kangana some times) on instagram. It’s always- oh look this blogger from Japan wore our frock or this lovely old lady from Italy wore our tunic.
        And like you said, the price neither reflects the quality of fabric nor the making of the garment. I appreciate that it’s a sustainable brand but it’s way too expensive for way too little that goes into the making.

  2. It sure isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is mine. The salwar might be simple but she looks really good in it.

  3. The outfit is nothing to speak of but she makes it look better than it is and Kangana is looking hella cute! lust those juttis she wears all the time ..

  4. Kangana dresses so normal but she elevates them to another level. She usually wears non gimmicky outfits and I could wear them in real,life, except i’d look like a potato


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