In Dior

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Wearing Dior, Kalyani attended the BoF dinner last night. Dior clutch and platform pumps finished out her look. She looked good!

kalyani chawla in dior at business of fashion event

Left, Centre: Kalyani Chawla At Business Of Fashion Event
Far Right: Christian Dior Resort 2015

kalyani in dior resort at bof party in delhi

Kalyani Chawla At Business Of Fashion Event

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  1. She always looks so adorable. Plus she was the most enthusiasticand appreciative of clients on ‘style and the city’. I feel like we could be best friends. Like she could be my friend who let’s me borrow her very pretty clothes. 🙂 Sigh!

  2. Yikes! This dress looks a singlet worn with two scarves tied around as a skirt. Hardly appropriate or fashionable enough for a formal dinner, let alone one which had the who’s who of fashion attending it, even if it’s a Christuan Dior dres

  3. As great as she looks the innerwear issue are obvious(twins) ! How come she gets away with it and other dont, partial much with your favourites


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