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This Dior Spring 08 dress sure has been popular… We’ve seen it in Red on Aishwarya, in Pink on Sonam and in Black and White (our favorite version of the three) on Feroze Gujral. (See HERE)

And the latest to wear this dress in it’s Black and White print avatar was Kalyani Chawla who looked flawless in it. Of all the ladies been spotted in this gown, we’d have to say KC wore it the best. It fit her like a glove and the woman looked luminous.


Left: Kalyani Chawla At GQ Men Of The Year Awards
Right: Christian Dior Spring 08

Photo Credit: Style

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    • Really? My first thoughts when I saw the pics, were that her skin tone complimented the dress perfectly! I think it could wash out paler skins.. deff suits her golden colour. She looks amazing, I have no idea who she is though? :]

  1. LOVE the print version. If you can’t tell already, I really love prints. GOD I WANT HER JOB. Dior is my faaaaaaavoite (more so old Dior, but STILL)!

  2. Feroze carried it better. And yes the dress is in no way fitting Kalyani like a glove..absolutely no way. Aishwarya chose the wrong color otherwise these other women would have looked worse than extras in front of her. Aishwarya is beyond beautiful and thats precisely the reason why she is so popular abroad as well.


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