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Wearing jumpsuits with black belts to a recent event held at the Fendi store were Kalyani and Ritu with the former in a Resort 2012 Dior printed one and Ritu in a one-shouldered black one.

Kalyani, of course finished her look off with a Dior tote while Ritu kept the event in mind and picked a Fendi baguette. Whose look do you prefer?

Kalyani Chawla and Ritu Beri at The Whispered Grand Tour At Fendi Store

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  1. Kalyani looks perfect! Ritu, on the other hand, hasnt got her accessories right, i dont think her earrings go well with her watch…the colors clash!
    About kalyani’s jumpsuit, the only thing i noticed that was odd was the neckpiece ( i dont know if that is a part of the jumpsuit, am guessing it is!) the neckpiece wasnt really required on this jumpsuit, cos it is hardly noticed in the print.

  2. Kalyani looks polished. At first glance, Ritu looks great until you start noticing the problems: wrong Fendi; stilettos with a one-shoulder louche jumpsuit? Non! A chunkier heel, or an edgy bootie would have been perfect. The belt is sloppy – a corset belt or a wide, but tighter belt would have been more appropriate.


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