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For a recent appearance of hers, Kalki picked a Cover Story dress to wear. And dark brown accessories rounded out the actor’s look. The dress was a safe choice, and though it lacked novelty, it worked on her. The boots however had me breaking in to a sweat and the Texas weather (where I am currently at) might have something to do it. Wish she paired the summery dress with something lighter, airier instead!

Kalki Koechlin At Blush Channel Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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      • This is such a silly look. It’s super hot and sultry in Bombay (assuming that’s where this event is) so showing up in an outfit that includes boots is strange, especially this time of the year.

        And I think everyone in India has a boots aversion simply because our weather doesn’t allow for that in our wardrobes unless you live in Kashmir or Manali. 🙂

    • thats the cheapest comment i have ever seen here. so whats wrong in telling people ‘im in texas? its approx 50,000 fr a return fly. that was just to make the boot discomfort relevant n not assumed.

    • Seriously? That’s a lame and below the belt attack. Everyone who follows this blog knows where they are from. No need to get snarky.

      PS: From California, and totally get why Priyanka used it for reference. With the current heat wave in the west coast, even looking at these pics makes me sweat! And isn’t she in India, where it’s worse?

  1. It is so hot in Texas and California right now that it makes you consider a mesh top as work-appropriate attire. Lol.
    Coming back to what Kalki is wearing, I quite like the summery white dress!

  2. I think it’s a gorgeous look! Very classic white dress with black boots. It’s well balanced. Clean straight boots, hit her at the right height. The dress hits at the right height.

    And frankly, boots have nothing to do with summer heat discomfort. In fact, it can protect you from the sun. It’s leather. I’ve seen boots done well, in summer (Maybe because I’m from the East coast).

    No fault in the look itself!

    On a side, did anyone notice the marks on her left thigh? Hope it’s a bag scratch!


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