An Almost Ditto

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We spotted Kajol and Ayesha wearing the same printed material in different styles and though we didn’t like either, we are gonna with Ayesha’s short version over Kajol’s long.

Love either or dig neither?

P.S. You’d think Anna could have given these two completely different outfits to wear, considering she must have so many in that store.


L To R: Anna Singh, Kajol and Ayesha Shroff at Anna’s Store Launch

Ayesha Shroff

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  1. i’d go with the longer version , if ofcoarse it’s the end of this word & i’ve to choose one for my survival………the heavy border continuing as a zig zag pattern all the way up on the shorter shirt is too much

  2. I like the lines of the longer one better – for women with hips I think it is a more flattering shape than the shorter style – but I dislike the material on both versions! What’s with the ODing on sequins?


  3. guys…i think here, anna singh looks scary. like seriously.

    about the monobrow, if she doesnt wanna get rid of it, she shouldn’t have to. sometimes i think us indians get too occuppied with “getting RID of stuff” that we just lose the bigger picture. lol

  4. Hmm both look nice on two very diff’t women with obviously diff’t body shape. Kajol wouldn’t suit the shorter version, for example.

    I don’t understand why Kajol doesn’t shape her brows. They’re hideous!

  5. she’s always had that monobrow even in her movies. maybe she considers it lucky and doesn’t want to get rid of it like hrithik roshan’s extra thumb 🙂

  6. What’s wrong with a monobrow? Again, some people just want actresses to be clones of each other.

    These are all different human beings who look different. Some tall, some short, some skinny, some fat, some with monobrow, some without.

    Anyway, I’m just stoked to see a pic of Ayesha Shroff after ages. She looks great.


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