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Jyothika and Sharvari both wore Anamika Khanna to the Filmfare South Awards but between the two, the latter seemed to have more success with her outfit. Given the length of the skirt, Jyothika should’ve worn pumps instead of those sandals. But even with that change, wasn’t a fan of that skirt either. The length was really awkward.

Jyothika and Sharvari Wagh

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  1. A lot if these clothes are being made unacceptable n crass by the wonderous bra shows. I love the turquoise green coat but hate the shiny sneaking bra. Jyothikas top is awesome, skirt was a miss.

  2. Both outfits are a dreadful mess, and there is nothing stylish or de$igner about it.
    Sharvari’s dress also sticks out very oddly in a south Filmfare award ceremony where most attendees are a bit more formal. As a gender agnostic observation, skin show is not typical and looks super awkward/ out of place. Talk of event appropriateness

  3. Sharvari’s outfit fares better. The jacket and skirt looks nice. Only the bra top does not fit in. Her finishing touches are better too.

    Unfortunate outfit for Jyotika. The fringe earrings, the skirt length, the footwear, the makeup – nothing is working on the beautiful actor. Ony the jacket is barely redeemable.

  4. The green outfit with the horrifying bra is more beachware to me. Why do they choose to wear such strange clothes ? They don’t have the personality or attitude as say a Priyanka chopra or a Lady Gaga- where the personalities/ attitude holds the gaze rather than boob show.this is purely crass.

  5. I like how Jyothika looks here. I actually like that dress and the simplicity of the sandals. Not a fan of the earrings but then I like her simple hairdo, and that slightly flushed face… and her expression. Very charming.

  6. Anamika Khanna needs to come up with fresh and new designs. She has made so many versions of this apsara outfit. The outfit is so archaic and so ridiculous that it neither look good on anyone nor is fit for any kind of function.

  7. I like top half of Jyothika’s look though hair looks little messy and can be better.

    These skirts look like a lungi or saree tucked up while working and doing day to day chores. So dont look event appropriate designs.

  8. I think its time Anamika Khanna retires this gathered satin skirt/heavy embroidered cloak design of hers. It’s been done in every variation now. The novelty is gone – most of these looks don’t even look good anymore.
    AK needs to come up with something new and not rehash old designs. This was like so many seasons ago!

  9. Reminds me of the Seinfeld bra top episode. It was funny when it was new but a pretty hackneyed concept now. You would think one couldn’t go wrong with such a lovely color and such a forgiving fabric. But the designer has somehow managed to mess up an unmessaup-able outfit.


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