From Delish To Dowdy

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Apparently, I was quite wrong in thinking the dude can look good in anything. Did the greasy-hair and rag-shirt ruin all your ‘John’ fantasies, because they just ruined mine!


John Abraham
Left: ‘New York’ Press Meet
Right: ‘New York’ Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. love the shirt with v-neck jumper look on guys, so cute!!!

    the other t-shirt look, not so good compared to the first, but john never looks terrible, but saying that he’s never been my ultimate fantasy from the bollywood men, prefer Arjun Rampal.

  2. Aww he looks so adorable and so sweet! haha his hair seems like he just woke up from a nap!.. so cute! Love the jeans and shoes.

  3. personally, I don’t even notice what he’s wearing
    it’s like Johnny Depp (except not even close)- who the hell cares
    (is slightly disturbed by her apparent double standard :/…but it’s JOHNNY DEPP <3)

  4. LOL, that’s hilarious!
    I didn’t have John fantasies in the first place;)
    Well who am I kidding?:(
    But John could do SO MUCH BETTER! Hate this look:(

  5. I am still in love with him.
    The greasy hair and stupid tee just makes him look boy-next-door and a but goofy…adorable really.

  6. aww….hes too cute for words!!! he can look s-m-o-k-i-n-g hot and so boy-next-door (not the guy next door to me for sure!so easily.
    *heart* john

  7. Agreed with most of above.. he still looks good…but i don’t like his shoes.. he looks better with his silly chappals that he loves so much lol I love him 🙁 sigh. Ok girls are stupid and I think we all proved that! We’re so partial!

  8. he is always hot! watch the movie guys…he’s amazing in it…and its probably his most compelling performance to date…anyways, coming back to the outfit…I think if he’d just put less grease in his hair, it wouldhave been fine…I kinda like the goofy shirt…honestly, he could never ruin it for me…he’s just so hot…

  9. i dont really care what he wears – doesn’t make him less delish – BUT i have a question – is that style of tucking in your shirt to let the belt buckle show an international trend or just B’wood??

  10. sigh. nope. i can barely look past his face. besides there’s something endearing about a man who is put together carelessly…

  11. looks are never put carelessly.. if you listen to major stylists they say that giving someone a “careless” look requires immense care and thought, like giving Chase Crawford a careless look in Gossip Girl was a real effort by both the designers and stylists. But I agree that to pull a careless look is a very difficult thing.


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