In Manish Malhotra


Spotted on Jermaine Jackson and his wife Halima, Manish Malhotra outfits that they both recently acquired during their recent visit to India. The couple had visited the designer’s store about which you can read Here.

The blue sherwani was much too flashy for our taste and worn completely the wrong way (the purple vest/the slouchy denims) and considering lowkey wasn’t what Jermaine was going for, we’d wish Halimah had also picked a better color than the dowdy grey. But, we’ve got to give it to the couple for actually wearing what they bought. We’ve heard of plenty of stars buying outfits and never spotting them in any, ever.


Jermaine and Halima Jackson at ‘This Is It’ Premiere


Jermaine and Halima Jackson at Manish Malhotra Store

Photo Credit: Wireimage, Mid-day


  1. LMAO – here is a description of the jacket by columnist at The Hollywood Report:

    “And then the Jackson brothers Marlon, Tito, and Jackie–nice guys. They almost got to speak, but then Jermaine–resplendent in a blue magic carpet of a coat that looked like it was made by Persian Bob’s Cut Rate Carpets–horned in and started answering questions.”


  2. loooooove the hollywood reporter comment….very accurate.MM makes totally classless clothes that only translate well in over the top K Jo movies. no one non-indian cares about most of these designers. manish arora with his kitschy dresses gets more play than all those lame guys without any real knowledge of fashion and construction…sorry for the harsh comments!!


    • It probably was the madama tussad’s statue. Any thing is possible these days, you know, with photoshop hi tech manipulation of images & all.




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