The Round Up


The unveiling of designer Jaya Rathore’s installation at the Delhi Couture Week happened at a big event hosted by Ammu Saidi and Rani Sushma Kumari and was attended by many Delhi socialites. Hostess Ammu Saidi went for an all white look with a BCBG cowl neck dress paired with white slingbacks. Cheena Vig wore a DvF dress, also with slingbacks and a black Birkin.

Shabnam Singhal wore a Pucci long dress but paired it with pants which made the look quite odd. She could’ve gone without them and looked great.

Gunjita Dhawan was spotted in a Prashant Verma dress. Tanisha Mohan, wore an animal print (also Prashant Verma?) and was spotted with a Birkin that we previously hadn’t seen before. That ups her number to five (of the ones we’ve seen). The dress, itself, probably would’ve been much more interesting if not for that weird middle ruching. It pretty much killed it.

Keeping it simple was the Rani Sushma Kumari wearing an ombre chiffon yellow/green sari. I loved it.

Our vote goes to the hostesses Ammu and Sushma for being best dressed at this do, what about you?


Left: Ammu Saidi
Right: BCBG Cowl Neck Dress


Left: Cheena Wig
Right: Diane von Furstenberg Zucca Dress


Shabnam Singhal


Left: Tanisha Mohan
Right: Gunjita Dhawan with Tanisha Mohan


Princess Sushma Kumari with Jaya Rathore

Photo Credit: Desi Martini, Indiatimes


  1. Ammu’s dress is gorgeous, simple and so summery. I love the whole look. It is age appropriate, classy and fits her well.

    Shabnam – God! Those fab cheekbones on her face. She is gorrrrgeous! Like her look too, a bit forgettable though.

    Tanisha – seriously the Berkin mania is getting out of control. I don’t get it. Waste money on other things honey, don’t need 10 of the same kind.

    Princess Sushma Kumari – she know how to look like a classy lady. The smile is so lovely and the sindur looks great…enough said!


  2. I think Shabnam Singhal looks quite nice. Because this year is all about kaftans and long kurtis. Plus, the long kurta/kameez paired with flowing pants is huge in Pakistan.


  3. This seems like a new trend..pull on whatever godawful rag one can find and then dangle an Hermes to make things right. I do like Shabnam’s look- makes it look like a custom Pucci kurta


  4. The BCBG and the DVG dresses are beautiful. Wish I could afford them. Hate to see even the very rich let their Hermes wear them instead of letting it be an accessory as it should be.


  5. OMG!! Sushma Aunty looks fab! P&P, Hope you dont mind but mailing this link to friends and family. She is wearing a self designed saree, looks great.


  6. Royals don’t need expensive bag or fake attitude.Their smile and gesture sets them apart from others.All the way Sushma kumari.Simple ,elegant ,lovely etc.


  7. hey girls,

    i know for a fact the Gunjita is not wearing a prashant its this fab designer called “Custo” from Barcelona

    she had gone to Spain n picked it up there from this divine store!




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