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Wearing Rahul Mishra with Jet Gems jewelry, Janhvi attended Rhea Kapoor and Karan Boolani’s party. Of all the exquisite things the designer has to offer, baffling that she settled on this ‘basic as it gets’ look. Color us unimpressed!

Janhvi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. True, very dull. Actually that was how most guests with the exception of Farah Khan turned up. Blah seems like the theme for the reception!

  2. The blue top is a horror, it looks kind of squished especially near her armpits..Jhanvi is a gorgeous gal, with a neat figure and access to the best designers, I can’t believe she chose to wear this!

  3. The party was incredibly casual……everybody just turned up in whatever they felt like wearing….I guess Rhea and Karan wanted a laid back party. I think that is impressive to just sidetrack all the fuss, pressure of looking certain way and enjoy your big day with your family and friends.

    • One can still wear nice dresses to casual parties. Doesn’t need to be blingy or OTT, but pick a nice outfit from SO many choices you;d have, that shouldn’t be difficult. The guests are almost intentionally dressed in blah or borderline bad clothes. I cannot fathom what Jhanvi (or Khushi) were wearing at the gettogether.

  4. My issue is with the bad fit. Why was it so hard to get a well-fitting top? This looks so uncomfortable. With all their access to designers, if they can’t get the basic fit issues corrected then what’s the point?!

  5. She looks very awkward and uncomfortable. Very unflattering sartorial choices.
    Same question as others, with all their money and access, why are they always so poorly dressed?

  6. I can’t put my finger on it but somehow she never looks comfortable in a western outfit.. always looks stuffed in.. It can’t be possible that she’s uncomfortable because someone her age and from her socio – economic background has probably grown up in shorts and dresses etc. In fact Indian ethnic clothes are probably “occasion” costume – dressing for her.. yet somehow she never gives me the easy breezy comfortable vibe which let’s say a Deepika or a Tara does.. while put her in a basic Kurta and she literally looks relaxed.. the shoulders and body language changes!

    P.S – Just clarifying that I’m not trying to generalise here.. Perhaps she grew up in kurtas and feels more comfortable in them.. I’m just stating probable odds


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