1. Given that she chose to wear that dupatta she could have skipped those Flowy pants. A simple straight legged pants or leggings would have been better.

  2. This looks forced! It’s not her style and she looks visibly uncomfortable. Why is she copying Sara? She started wearing cotton ethnic wear for daily wear and everyone else follows. No originality in BW

    • Completely agree. She used to wear itty-bitty overly sexualized clothes all the time and now she is all covered up thanks to the public’s adulation of Sara’s fashion choices. Goes to show, some people are born with it and others just try and try and try again. In a theory (all mine), she took notes from Sonam didi before and when it didn’t work, looked at Sara. Nothing personal but she has always been criticized for not being authentic or overly groomed which sadly continues. Rant over.

    • Along with Jahni, I find Sara’s outings in salwar-kameez very pretentious. Neither of them wore Indian clothes before their foray into the biz. To give her credit, Sara definitely figured out the game earlier :-)

      • Yeah, I also feel in Bollywood speaking Hindi and wearing cotton salwar kameez, handloom sarees is out fashion and celebs are not doing it from long time. So Kangana and Sara tried to tap that spot where it’s almost nil, to get viewers attention, so they speak in Hindi, wear cotton salwars/sarees. And others in bollywood… not being individualistic, started copying these two ladies, because they are getting good feedback on social media.

        I am not a fan of Kangana and Sara, just observation.

      • I think Sara does it more effortlessly than anyone else out there. Also, Sara deserves praise for not falling into the trap of opting gimmicky clothes to look a certain way.
        Trust Sara to wear simple Libas outfits and rock them like nobody’s business. I am yet to see her in Punit Balana and the likes for her day to day outings. This is quite refreshing to me. Sorry for the rant but I have been observing this for quite a while :)

  3. Sweep the leaves and sweep the floors. Double duty.
    Bit too much fabric. Overwhelmed her.
    I agree with @suvaqua24 – either dupatta or salwar not both so flowy.



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