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Boney, Janhvi and Khushi received Sridevi’s Best Actress National Film Award for Mom in Delhi today and for the ceremony, the ladies kept it traditional with Khushi wearing a lehenga by Manish Malhotra and Jhanvi picking a sari from her Mom’s collection, one that the latter wore to Ram Charan’s wedding back in 2012.

This couldn’t have been easy for them. Our best wishes always to the girls!

Janhvi Kapoor & Khushi Kapoor
at National Film Awards 2018

Janhvi Kapoor & Khushi Kapoor
at National Film Awards 2018

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The sadness that engulfs Janhvi is heart-wrenching. Khushi’s first pic – this is the strongest resemblance between Khushi and her mum i’ve seen so far

  2. Janhvi is not used to wearing sari it seems. Feel so bad for these girls. They look so good despite grieving for long at a tender age

  3. well done, both these young women, for representing their mother with grace and style. It’s so hard to lose a parent, and to do so in the public eye is doubly difficult. They chose their clothes with thought and care, and that deserves a lot of praise.

  4. Janhvi carries that saree with so much grace esp given her age. I am slowly really liking her. She has an inner silent strength and alot of presence. Looking forward to seeing her on screen… her posters have alot of energy.

  5. I thought that was Sri’s saree! Beautiful tribute to their mother! Even Khushi’s lehenga is draped like the South Indian half saree

  6. Both the girls look lovely. Khushi looks a lot like teen Sridevi in the half saree.
    I can’t imagine the emotions they would have gone through. Wishing them peace and healing.

  7. Jhanvi look exactly like her mother … her picture went viral on instagram at first glance I thought it was sridevi !!!
    She’s such a beautiful girl … god bless

  8. I lost my mom the very next day Sridevi passed away..the void it leaves is incomparable..I can so relate to thier pain..this is a very courageous step from them..wish them peace and strength..

  9. So beautiful…..such beautiful way of paying homage to thier mom…u can literally feel sridevi’s presence…God bless them

  10. Jhanvi carries the sari well , those r super high heels!!! Wish Khushi had opted for a sari instead of the half sari.

  11. They both look lovely and are dresses appropriately for the occasion. It mustn’t have been easy for them, kudos to the whole family for being so graceful and poised.

  12. Good luck to the girls’ future. And kudos to their courage. Not feeling appropriate to comment on their clothes right now.


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