In Michelle Mason


Janhvi attended promotions for Dhadak on Tuesday starting off with separates from Michelle Mason, Outhouse earrings and Misho rings and then switching the skirt out for a pair of denims later.

Prefer her in the skirt or the denims? I would have to say neither because of those furry sandals. Not a fan of them.

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  1. Noooo man! Further damage with the choice of clothing. What’s going on there? Even her family men dresss so well.. don’t get the horrribility.

  2. The skirt would be a contender for “Swach Bharath” initiative…. if only she were to walk the streets.
    Jhansi is young with potential yet she is underwhelming.

  3. oh god No! the skirt with its tacky fabric looks straight out of a flamingo dancer from the 80’ matter what brand name looks like it was all picked up from the street,.. i am also a street shopper but this is ghastly even for that.. she used to be so well dressd when self styled. Tanya Ghavri doing her great disservice. This is the worst styling i have seen on a debutant or anyone for that matter. It looks like the stylist is almost bored and uninterested. And sadly without the motherhead for guidance the poor girl has no choice and has to accept friends in the garb of stylists. Havent sonam or rhea seen these. So much for family love and PDA.
    Being harsh but i just feel so bad for this girl.

    • Sonam and Rhea are very good friends with Ms. Ghavri.

      I believe they are the reason she is her stylist and they kind of approve of this overstyling :-/

  4. After looking at her ‘promotion style’, I have to come to the conclusion- she has no individual style and or that spark. I am wondering how could she even say yes to that ugly skirt. Earlier, (before movie promotions) she would be seen in tight, too short dresses and loads of makeup. Now, she is seen in really boring clothes. All I am expecting from her now is acting skills. I hope she doesn’t disappoint us in that filed.

  5. I feel bad for this girl. Her so called well wishers and advisors have let her down . Infact they seem to be on a mission to dress her terribly. This cannot be her personal style certainly.She seems to have buckled under the pressure from who ever is styling her and agreeing to wear one horrible outfit after the other.



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