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Janhvi was seen at the Priyanka and Nick wedding reception wearing a lehenga by Manish Malhotra. I don’t mind the skirt but was not a fan of the beaded top. The two together was just too much for the senses and Janhvi didn’t quite pull it off as is. She looked a lot like a kid playing dress up.

Janhvi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Jesus Christ…Mr.Boney Kapoor, please take you daughter on a holiday where there is no access to stylists and designer wear. Maybe deep in the country or mountains for a cleansing session. This look is ridiculous on so many levels that it’s not even funny.

    As morbid it may sound, Sridevi’s Himmatwala song “taa thaiyya taa thaiyya” is running in my head. The colors, the flashy sequins…only missing are the pots and pans.

  2. Saw a video on Insta & she was literally unable to walk up the stairs.
    Why must Bollywood women subject themselves to such torture & that too for such atrociously ugly outfits?

    This monstrosity is seriously not worth it – is she not sick of wearing the exact same outfit in a different colour at every other event?

  3. Is petticoat-blouse/bra masquerading as lehenga-choli the in-thing now? Do “regular” people also dress like this at weddings and receptions? Haven’t been to a wedding in India in years so asking.

    • Yes, this – 80% of pictures are barely there cholis and seem uncomfortable to look at!
      Is this a trend? Are normal receptions (maybe upper middle class ones in Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore like this?)

    • No Veena, infact “regular” people in the south dress up SO well. I always spot women across ages in such beautiful and not so expensive clothes that I wonder why the celebrities with all access to money and designers and stylists can’t. The festive scene in Telugu and Tamil Nadu is awesome… clothes I mean

    • No people don’t dress like this at regular weddings. I feel like the stars need to take lessons from “regular people” on how to dress for weddings as guests or even as brides. Look at wedmegood etc for what regular people are up to.

  4. Seems like dress code for the reception is bare some clevage. Almost everyone except Hema Malini and kangana appears to have received this memo

  5. Can they just change the hair?

    Had she done a spunky high ponytail or even a low wispy bun, this look would’ve been more fun. Then, they could’ve gotten rid of those diamond earrings (which definitely do not go with that skirt) and put on something longer/spunkier?

    Also in a general note, I’m kinda sick of these sportsbra-like blouses. Can we have some variety?

  6. If she absolutely had to wear that lehenga/skirt (which is quite bad by itself), she could have at least worn with a plain black or white shirt blouse to tone it down. That choli is absolutely revolting.

  7. There’s an NGO in Bangalore that makes bags from recycled shiny plastic packets of chips and suchlike – her skirt looks like it’s made of that

  8. I think if she had paired this with a really plain blouse, nobody would have cared! Imagine this with an inky blue/black blouse or something.. And in any case, how is this different from the Gota assault we have been having? The blouse reminds me of Mouni Roy for some reason.

  9. It all fries down to the fact that not only are these clothes are:
    1) free to borrow
    2) some are getting paid to “model” them with payments in clothes, jewels etc
    3) some of these women end up being a designer’s muse for life
    (meaning you get a lifetime of free clothes for you, your kids and grandkids …think Bacchan with AJSK)
    4) even vacations are AirBnB ads…we are hungry for fashion but getting the most curated looks styled by horrible stylists. I guess its the coke or pepsi dilemma….choices presented seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer if we stick to celebrity sightings but then not to see them would be boring..

  10. is she wearing strings of led fairy lights on her dress? She does look like a fairy from our childhood tales, and I expect star dust to appear at the gesture of her hand. Magical indeed, perfect for a fantasy film

  11. I feel like without her mother to guide/school her, she’s just going to waste away. Feel sorry for her actually. She’s clearly out of her depth with no one to tell her right from wrong.


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