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Janhvi helped launch Aldo’s ‘festive collection’ in Mumbai yesterday, and for the occasion picked an Alex Perry mini to wear. With her hair pulled back in to a sleek high ponytail, she finished out the look with pair of Aldo pumps. Like what you see?

Janhvi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The color looks gorg on her and she looks radiant. The push up bra is a bit in your face though.

    Aldo has some really fun bags and shoes and they decided to showcase this!

  2. Oh gosh no no.
    Brings back scary memories off Mallika sherawat at the Myth premiere in cannes. The stuffy sizing on top looks torturous for the sisters

  3. Something’s going on with Janvi’s styling lately. It’s jarring to see her swing between elegant desi salwar suits and bandage dress boob shows.

  4. This is… uncomfortable to look at. I wouldn’t think that if she were at a club or a party where everyone was dressed sexy and having fun. But to be at an event launch where people are photographing you and everyone around you is dressed “normally”, it’s got to feel weird. Feels like self-objectification as opposed to owning your sexuality.
    But maybe that’s just me projecting and she feels fine, in which case I don’t care.

  5. She has amassed a sizeable fan following on reddit with a certain segment of the male population. Her clothes and poses are meant to be thirst traps and I think she herself is ok with this objectification since it lets her be relevant. In the battle of the star kids, this might be her way to carve a niche for herself. I think the song “nadiyon paar” was probably the beginning of it and now there’s no looking back.

  6. This colour looks amazing on her. The shape of the dress especially around the shoulders looks a bit off, it makes the dress look as if its photoshopped onto her body


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