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For a recent spot of travel, both Janhvi and Sara picked simple, fuss-free suits to wear. With phones in their hand, both ladies accessorized their looks with silver jewelry and easy flats.

Whose off-duty look are you drawn to more?

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Janhvi Kapoor (Left) And Sara Ali Khan Photographed At The Airport

Janhvi Kapoor (Left) And Sara Ali Khan Photographed At The Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Sara any day. BTW how is Janhvi’s dupatta staying in that exact position in all 4 pics without changing? Please don’t tell me she has safety-pinned it in that profile.

    • Sara looks pretty and gives off a natural and relaxed vibe. For some reason Janhvi always looks a bit complexed irrespective of what she wears. It’s always like something is missing.

  2. I like both.. really do. Indian wear really lends a soft earthy look to women. I’m myself a salwar suit regular for long.. it becoming a trend recently is just nicer. Also maybe Jahaanvi was seen in suits even earlier.. now that she’s a star and seen more often gives life to these ‘sudden change’ questions.

  3. I don’t know about pinning dupattas, curatedness or ease, but I prefer Sara’s just because it’s closer to my personal taste and I like the combination of all white, coloured dupatta and jootis.

  4. They both look sweet – Jahnvi really shines in the ethnic wear department and her smile is more relaxed and genuine.
    Sara shines in almost everything – very little seems to faze her and she’s at ease in almost all pics. I do wonder how paparazzi manage to catch her always laughing on her outings (she’s not smiling – she’s actually laughing and this is true of almost all her pics, even while out and about). It might be PR advice but it definitely works for her.

  5. My two cents! Sara started this trend and jahnvi is just plain and simple copying the trend. I say this because she never used to dress up like this before she joined Bollywood as mentioned by another commentator here.

  6. yawn This is the Coming of the Anti-Manish_Malhotra. Why don’t they have a sense of individual style? “Simple fuss-free suit” is a phrase I am beginning to see as self-conscious anti-manish-malhotra. It is either the Christmas tree look in glorified DEJINER Bra and Petticoat or this look in acres of cloth.

  7. Naiice. The suits are so pretty even though Jhanvi being able to maintain her dupatta like that is strange.
    Do you guys wear salwar suits in offices outside India? All these pretty suits are making me rethink my wardrobe choices..


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