Falguni And Shane Peacock Spotting


It’s that time of the week folks! If you guessed more Falguni and Shane Peacock spottings, you were right!

On Monday, Ms. Kardashian released a few behind-the-shoot pics on her CelebBuzz. She quickly took them down but not before Dhruv was able to spot and alert us to the fact that Kim not only wore one Peacock outfit but two, both of which we’ve seen before. (See the dress on Naomi/Nicole here and the gown on Rihanna Here.)

Kim Kardashian for a Nick Saglimbeni Photo shoot

Today, photographer Tyler Shields released a series of photographs featuring Jaime King with a sword and we immediately recognized the Peacock dress on her.

From the looks of things, looks like we’ll be seeing the dress on someone else pretty soon.

Jaime King Photographed By Tyler Shields

Photo Credit: TylerShields, Boxden, CelebBuzz



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