In Rajesh Pratap Singh


For her appearance at an event promoting her upcoming movie, Jacqueline picked Rajesh Pratap Singh. Wearing her hair down, she finished out the cropped top-wide trousers look with a Bulgari watch and black pumps.

Would’ve much preferred basic but well-tailored cropped culottes over the pants she picked; not a fan of the sash at the waist. But given how good she looked, it’s a minor beef we are more than willing to overlook.

Jacqueline Fernandez In Rajesh Pratap Singh At Roy Promotions-2

Jacqueline Fernandez At Roy Promotions

Jacqueline Fernandez In Rajesh Pratap Singh At Roy Promotions-1

Jacqueline Fernandez At Roy Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Crop tops are not dead yet?? They need to….
    Pants look bad here..Its fuuny how her right profile steals all the show from her left profile…like always….


  2. If the pants were longer this would’ve looked fine.
    Oddly my main problem here is the shoes (oddly because some would consider it such a minuscule detail but I can’t look past it). Currently the shoes have a straight cut from the inner side meeting a curved slant from the outer… the shoes should have been a straight cut V to give some balance do the flair of the pants.
    I have no clue if my description makes much sense but, there you have it, my two cents.




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