Of Little Black Dresses

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Ishita’s dress seems conceptually interesting but don’t think it quite falls well on her! Not the most flattering and certainly not one thats been ‘carried well’ by the wearer!

Lesser said about Ms. Manchanda’s dress, the better! As for Aditi, the dress is safe (yawn) but those shoes…?


L To R: Ishita Arun, Anushka Manchanda, Aditi Govitrikar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Combine Isita’s dress, Ms Manchanda’s shoes & Aditi’s clutch.
    I like Ishita’s dress. The shoes though look too casual.
    Has she not positioned the clutch where she did, Ms Manchanda will be revealing a lot more than what she would have liked.

  2. Ishita’s dress doesn’t do anything to her hips (or rather, doesn’t do any nice things), I can totally see where Anushka was going- and I’m happy that she tried- but she couldn’t really pull it off, and Aditi looks so plastic and pancaked that I can’t bring myself to like it- even without those shoes

  3. hey P&P i have a question….is something wrong with pointy shoes like aditi?? i wore those on graduation but i didnt think anything was wrong with them…what would you suggest instead?


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