Lehenga Ladies


At the Akash and Shloka’s pre-engagement party, Isha was seen in a pink lehenga by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla and while to-be sis-in-law arrived wearing a gold one by the designer duo, she later changed into a pink Sabyasachi.

Loved Isha’s pink lehenga.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. All the lehngas are pretty…the Sabyasachi one is a dream..if this is the amount of jewelry for the bride in “pre engagement”….what should we expect in the “engagement”?! Earrings could have been skipped to cut the overdose to some extent.

  2. The bride-to-be looks like she is being choked by her diamond jewelry. I shudder to think what the wedding will bring if this is how One does pre-engagement

  3. The golden AJSK is nice, fits her so well…and I so wish Shloka wasnt choked by that choker/ neckpiece in the Pink Sabya…The dupatta falls short on Isha

  4. Both ajsk lehengas are lovely. The sabya looks terrible.
    Her necklace though?!?!?! Am sure that’s more than our healthcare budget.

  5. Ohh! Isha Ambani looks much more opulent than the bride. That aside, they both look good. A smile would have done a world of good on the bride!

  6. Loved all the outfits … abu jani is to die for !!
    Wished the necklace wasn’t that big else the neckline was deeper to handle the big heavy necklace.

  7. Does Isha have pink dyed mehendi in one hand and the regular maroon colored in the other hand? Haven’t seen that style before.

  8. So utterly over the top for a pre-engagement party. Whatever that is! :) I get it that these are extremely wealthy people but this ostentatious display of jewelry and non stop parties seems a little tone deaf. Would be so refreshing to see the bride support a cause and wear some weave or loom that is in danger of going out of business. They have been rich for generations and will be for generations, so wear it, lightly!

    • Okay, I’m all for taking down the rich but it’s silly to tell a bride to take up a cause for her wedding. That’s not reasonable to ask of any bride and you can’t hold her to that standard either.

    • Yes, I do think the entire celebration looks pretty aimless, with infinite parties. Well they do support a cause. They give employment to designers like Abu Jani and Manish Malhotra. With her saughter’s engagement coming up and son’s weeding and then daughter’s wedding, these designers are pretty set for rest of the year.

  9. Just because you have so much doesn’t mean you have to wear it all. Toooo OTT.
    Was first picture in bottom row taken in washroom? I see white sink I think. And picture above the sink :):):)

  10. This is the first time I’m hearing of a ‘Pre-engagement party’. I shudder to think about the other legit wedding functions and the OTT clothing and jewelry! However, love the pink Sabya. Isha looks really lovely.

  11. OMG! just now saw the sink and the art above it. Lol. Good eye.
    All this display of wealth is leaving a bad taste in the mouth. Dont know how much more OTT they will get by the time of the wedding and the post post post festivities. X 2 for the next wedding. Wish they had kept it tasteful and subdued.
    P & P, please feature Nita Ambani.From whatever I saw , she was loaded with bling. The bride clearly looks uncomfortable. This does not seem her style.

  12. There is a photo of the bride where she is posing with her friends without the neckpiece – must have been a relief to get it off the neck!

    Isha’s AJSK is nice, just wish the blouse had a shorter sleeve. Like the sabya on the bride but the gold AJSK not much. The lady partially cut-off in the middle pic on the front row is the bride’s sister (also in AJSK).

    Agree with Anita’s comment above – the bride could have used the opportunity to support a good cause – she’s had and will have plenty of chances to wear designer stuff, after all party looks like abhi shuru hui hai.



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