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Pinky Bose (Aisha’s best friend played by Ira Dubey) also gets to wear fabulous outfits, one of which being this Fall 2008 Manish Arora Mickey Mouse Warrior top worn with short shorts and knee-high black boots.

Love it!


Left: Manish Arora, Fall 2008
Right: Ira Dubey in Aisha

Photo Credit: Aisha

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    • while the movie will b a fashion feast.. I can totally predict it being a flop as all the characters look too unrealistic… I hope the actors concentrated on their acting as much as they did on fashion!
      btw doesn’t nebody else think that Ira looks ridiculous here? fashion should be effortless.. this just screams ‘trying to hard’

      • WHat? no way! she looks awesome…shorts plus knee high boots can spell ‘streetwalker’..but it sooo spells high fashion here…she looks fantastic!

        • The movie is set in upper class delhi, where people are usually fashion concsious and dress well, so I dont think its unrealistic. And since when have bollywood costumes (read semi-transperant chiffon saris with bikini blouses, neon And miniskirts etc) been realistic? 🙂

  1. Love the Micky Mouse top, wnat it now!! Please let me know if Manish Arora retails anywhere in Bangalore? Thanks for any help…

    • lol totally agree! i need that top in my life!! p&p, where can ‘normal’ people find these clothes, or can we at all? 🙁

  2. Oh Man!! WOW ! I live this look on Ira , so Fierce, so Fashionable, so Fun!!

    Mickey mouse, you Rule!And Manish Arora, youare a wizard!

  3. oooh.. Thank you for all the interesting posts today.. Don’t care how the movie is.. its so rare to see high fashion beyond MM and Neeta Lulla in hindi movies.. will see this movie for the styling

  4. I have been lusting after that mask ever since I saw it a couple of years back. I agree this is a bit of a miracle for a Hindi movie. Thank God for Mr. Arora!

  5. OOH LALA…love what Pernia Qureshi has done in terms of styling for this film. Awesome fashion, chic set design and Abhay/Arunoday as arm candy…promises to be a great visual treat:)


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