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We love Sonali and we love the look she has on, we just wish her shirt actually fit her! The whole ‘button-ready-to-pop’ look just makes it so unseemly and spoils an otherwise perfect look!

Tip: A quick check goes a long a way.

March 08
May 08

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  1. I am having a feeling that the shirt is also not the same. Notice that in the second pic the shirt has full sleeves, but in the first pic it doesnโ€™t appear as if the sleeves are folded, or may be it is just not apparent.

  2. it seems as if she tucked the sleeves in…and the arms on the second pick have wrinkes where they would have been folded for the first pick
    and I hate that whole button popping thing…sometimes I wonder who they make clothes for

  3. Actually sewing snap buttons between 2 and 3 and 3 and 4 th buttons goes a long way. If you can’t do it yourself take it to an alterations place. They charge couple of bucks to do it. That way you dont have to end up buying oversized shirts to fit the b**b area.

  4. Hi Ladies! You can sew extra buttons like Joules suggested or there is also something called No See ‘Ems which can close the shirt!


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