In Twos

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Both times, Manyata picked saris with metallic sheen/undertones to them. We can’t quite say it was a hit with us but, maybe it was with you?

Manyata Dutt
Left: At Genelia And Ritesh’s Sangeet
Right: Genelia And Ritesh’s Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • yes. the saris are the routine net variety. the petticoats are to blame for the sheen. its that snake-skin like fabric called ‘shimmer’ or somesuch.

  1. GOSH ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WHO IS DONIG THIS HERSELF. cut ur hair please shoulder lenght and strighten will look hoter than many stars wife, great skin, healthy glow, beautiful body, right hight, nice hair…btu she has to keep it curly oily and stick to her head..why oh why why

  2. Manyata?? My, how she’s grown…in fashion sense and improving her looks. Makeup could be better but in general much improvement has been made compared to past appearances. Keep it up!


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