In Rimple & Harpreet Narula

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We had two sightings of Rimple and Harpreet Narula recently, one on Nimrat while she was promoting Airlift and the other on Huma who was attending a wedding.

While Nimrat looked lovely in hers can’t say we felt the same way about Huma. It was a good move on Ms. Qureshi’s part to keep the styling simple given the busy outfit but it was the outfit itself that we had an issue with. I was not a fan of the design especially the exposed waist revealing the contrasting flared pants.

Were you?


Left: Nimrat Kaur at Airlift Promotions
Right: Huma Qureshi at a Wedding

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  1. I actually like what Huma is wearing and in terms of dramatic effect it probably trumps Nimrat’s outfit. They both look fantastic!

  2. I think Huma looks lovely. The colour is good on her. She also seems to be in good shape.
    Im not very fond of nimrat’s outfit. Too dull for my liking

  3. I love Huma’s outfit. It’s dramatic but great for a wedding. And she’s carrying it beautifully. Love the hair and makeup too. 10/10 for her
    Nimrat looks gorgeous as always – neck up. Her outfit here is kinda blah. Sure it’s nice but not memorable in anyway. So no way it wins over Huma’s


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