From Real Life To Photo Shoot


The same dress being spotted on and off the pages isn’t in itself an anomaly. But when the same stylist is involved both times… Let’s just file it under things that make you go Hmmm. In close succession, spotted the same Prabal Gurung dress on Kareena and Nargis, both styled by Tanya Ghavri. Bit of a faux-pas or brouhaha for nothing?

Update: From what we hear, Nargis’ pic was to be a tight close-up, it being a beauty shot. But instead, the image below ended up being used. As things stand, on whom do you like the dress better?

Left & Center: Kareena Kapoor at Cocoberry Event
Right: Nargis Fakhri in People Magazine

Photo Credit: KareenaK.Net, Yahoo, Twitter


  1. I dont see anything wrong in the same dress being used.. What i find abnormal is that the dress is so average and meh and yet it is being worn by these people.


  2. I bet it’s exactly the same dress! I’ve said this before and this just makes me believe even more that the b-town stylists share their wardrobe. I’d put money on the fact that this dress isn’t in Kareena’s closet right now!


    • I never thought all the dresses that the stars wear are in their closet! I always thought most of the clothes are borrowed from designers! Sometimes the designers may decide to give the dress to the wearer but most of it goes back. I can see a stylist using the same dress for multiple purposes- why not?




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