In Love With Leiber!

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Two major back to back events and we saw Shilpa carry two different Leiber clutches to them. While, at the first one her clutch seemed to disappear in that printed dress, this time it sure didn’t!

Someone been reading this blog, you think?

Zee Cine Awards 2008

Hello Magazine 1st Anniversary party

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  1. The girls madly in love,anyone can see that.shilpa and Raj kundra look so happy together.Holding hands too.first time in public.expect wedding soon.

  2. Oh! She is looking great here…actually she’s been looking very nice lately…the hair is less Barbier than before. Does anyone know whose creation the gown to the left is?

  3. Love, love, love the embellishment on the white gown – it’s pretty and tasteful. Also love the necklace – it complements her gown nicely.

  4. love the white gown! she looks glam and her hair doesn’t looks as barbie-ish as before. she doesn’t give off the ‘i tried too hard’ look this time! good job shilpa!

  5. shilpa’s has great hair and a fabulous body but her face is not nice due to her nose job which makes her look unnatural. her sister looks much better


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