In Kallol Datta

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Two back-to-back events saw Sona pick black and white Kallol Datta outfits. I think she wears both of ’em well and looked good!

Had a minor gripe with the look on the right however. Those diamond earrings somehow just didn’t seem to go with the outfit. Like I said, minor.


Sona Mohapatra
Left: At Imran Khan’s Do
Right: At Grey Goose Style Du Jour Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. With all due respect, it is funny how PnP continue to prop up Mr Dutta as a fashion wonder whereas if truth be told he makes potato sacks that flatter none regardless of their body shapes. If there is emphasis on cuts, it’s hard to see that on the balloon-shaped silhouette he tends to favor. I just cannot understand why anyone with such good taste (PnP) would go gaga over his creations.

    His clothes, including the one shown above, are without taste or technique. And they are never wearable. Which is why no one who is anyone wants to be seen wearing them.

    Again I apologize if I have offended anyone.

    • Youve have summed it up very well..he is one of the most over hyped designers we have yet to know any semi celeb forget a celeb barring sona mohapatra who adorns his designs

    • @ A_rarity –> I totally concur with your comments.

      It’s appalling for me to see this singer wearing such an outrageously ugly and unsightly monstrosity of an outfit…

      It’s beyond me why anyone in their right state of mind would ever want to don a designer outfit that resembles of potato sac let alone go out in public for an event where you’ll be the laughingstock of the B-town.

      I wouldn’t be caught dead in something so hideous not to mention bizarre from every angle..

      IMHO, it looks like a white poncho or as if she has wrapped around a white bed sheet strategically.

      That outfit is just plain wrong…not doing any favors for the body shape….But I’m sure,It would definitely come in handy if anybody wants to hide their baby bump from prying eyes of paparazzi 😉 and I bet it would work really good as a night gown to sleep in…and that’s about it!

  2. The earrings are the least of the problems……..what is that black cloth hanging from the bottom of the first dress…….seems the designer forgot to cut off the excess cloth!!


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