Ladies Of Léger

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Also at the store launch were Avanti and Parmeshwar who went the Hervé Léger body-con dress route.

Tan accessories and her signature beret and stole finished out Ms. Godrej’s look. And for Ms. Birla, it was an eye-popping pair of Zanottis that rounded off hers. (You may recall seeing those shoes on Manasi and Natasha too!)

Now, discuss.

avanti birla and parmeshwar godrej in herve leger at queenie dhody store launch-1

Avanti Birla (Left) And Parmeshwar Godrej At Queenie Singh Dhody’s Store Launch

avanti birla and parmeshwar godrej in herve leger at queenie dhody store launch-2

Avanti Birla (Left) And Parmeshwar Godrej At Queenie Singh Dhody’s Store Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What is this obsession of Ms Birla to continuously sport junior teensy weensy dresses that looks awfully tacky on her.

    At this rate, she might as well grab a onesie to try and look one generation even younger.


  2. They ought to also be careful about how they dress, specially now with all the rapes happening in India, they should dress more modestly, to set a good example to their followers.

    • This comment is so offensive on so many levels.

      It isn’t about what you wear, what you eat, where you go, what you do, what you read and what you watch. It isn’t about us (women) at all. Rapes happen, because men rape.

      This general prevalence of depraved mentality combined with complete lack of accountability, something perpetrated by a patriarchal mindset with deep-rooted misogyny (under many guises) in our society/most societies is so disheartening.

      Women aren’t playthings, women aren’t the cause du jour and women certainly aren’t second class citizens.

      We are at cultural crossroads and it doesn’t bode well for our gender if as a woman, you make statements like this.

      Sorry about the rant and I certainly don’t want to seem as if I am attacking you. My intention is only to point out that this gender-shaming we all indulge in has got to stop.

      Now, back to regular programming. 🙂

      • I don’t agree with you guys on your opinions on fashion most of the time. But the answer you gave to the above comment is not attacking. I am surprised you were able to answer logically and calmly on the face of something so reprehensible. And she calls herself a woman. I hope to god such people never have kids.

        • FYI, I have adult daughters and sons, and let me tell you, my daughters have travelled the world and never felt so unsafe as when in India last year with all the men there ogling them whenever we were walking everywhere! We live in a western country where they feel safer than when they were in India .
          Although they were modestly dressed we saw the need to even cover ourselves more just to avoid their attention.
          It happened everywhere we went.

          • Shenaz – like you and your daughters, most women in India dress modestly. It is a pragmatic response to a dangerous environment. But let’s be very clear, having to take such precautions such as not wearing certain clothes, or stepping out alone after a certain time, is a curtailment of our individual freedom, and there’s certainly nothing moral about that. It is also a very slippery slope…the sari exposes rather a lot of midriff, for example. Wouldn’t it be better, and safer, to be covered from top to toe, else it incite uncontrollable lust? And perhaps women should only leave the house when they are accompanied by male guardians?

            Like you, I’m not a fan of Avanti Birla’s style. But I think it’s really important to stick up for our own sex and defend women’s right to dress as they choose.

      • *Applause*
        Good for you for responding
        That comment made my jaw drop…first for pushing the “women ask for it by doing certain things” theory …and second by trivializing something as horrific as rape with such a nonchalant statement to say “with all the rapes happening..”

      • Thank you for your amazing response Priyanka. I’d also like to add that rape is about power and control and not just unique to India or a particular geographic location.

      • Your interpretation of my post was not what I intended it to be.
        I had just found out about the photo journalists gang rape, and came across this pic, and i am concerned about what we can do to change the sick mindset of those potential rapists out there, and considering the impact that bollywood has on the indian fans in general, it has a social responsibility too not to portray women as mere sex symbols.

        • Really, you think Bollywood has that much of an impact, do you? Then pray tell why there weren’t more rapes happening in the late 60s with Zeenat Aman and Sharmila Tagore in their bikini clad bods?

          I don’t think anything justifies being raped. I, as an Indian, and having lived in various parts of the country, have encountered so much violence and groping, that I can’t even begin to share. I’ve been spat on with paan multiple times in Hyderabad, slapped by men on a bike in Delhi while I was walking, groped on the streets of Kolkata. And molested in a children’s park when I was 6 in Mumbai. How do you justify that? Maybe I was wearing a skimpy dress that provoked some man to grope a child?

          Please do not claim to act like the moral police and tell women to stop dressing up/down. I’ve been groped on the road wearing a saree. How much more covered could I have been?

      • priyanka, i remember previously a commenter said something similar to Shenaz and i reacted quite strongly. both the original comment and my reaction were deleted from the blog. glad you took a stand this time.

    • I read that comment n felt my blood book as well.
      Shehnaz – this isn’t cyber bullying but please understand that if we continue to do this to women there will be a time when opening an eye and looking a male in the eye will be considered an invitation to be raped!
      NOTHING justifies being raped. Protima bevdi had run nude across juju beach even THAT was NOT an invitation to be raped!
      If we women think like this of other women folk, are the men really to blame for their animalistic mentality?

    • I cannot believe I read that and a woman actually is brainwashed/ ignorant enough to believe that it is the woman’s job to not get raped. Rape is less of a a sexual crime but mostly an act of violence and control. Rapes will continue to happen as long as men think they can and should control and abuse women. I’m not attacking you but it pains me to see that a fellow sister is oblivious to the reality of the situation and actually believes that if ever, something like this, happens to her; it’ll be her fault. So many women don’t seek help because of this mentality. Children get raped, would you say it is because they dress provocatively? or someone is sick enough to want to commit the heinous act?

    • OMG! I cannot believe someone said that!
      My blood boils to see this comment so much that I do not know what to write.
      I guess everything has been said by Priyanka and others so I can just sit back and try to take in the fact that a woman said THAT!
      Rapes will continue to happen until men continue to have that mentality, but even more, the women in India NEED TO STOP THINKING LIKE THAT.
      Mothers need to teach their sons how to respect women, and not their daughters how to dress!! Shenaz’s comment shows exactly what millions of mothers in India think .. and that is why men think they have the right to be violent and animalistic.
      Can you tell I am angry .. off of the Internet for a while!!

  3. Oh! My! Gosh! What is Birla lady wearing?! Out in public like that?! So so trashy, makes Godrej look so classy!!!

    This should be WTHeyy category for Avanti

    • According to my ex-hair stylist, Ma’am color your hair blond, it will make you look fairer! Ick! I dont know where that came from, but since then I have been noticing a LOT of blond hair-dos on people.

  4. These ladies have issues. I agree with all the Avanti comments. Actually makes Parmeshwar look classy. However, the latter’s ‘always-in-a-beret’ look is probably because she’s using it to hide the ‘wig lines’ on her forehead!

    But again, this IS Queenie Dhody’s store launch!

  5. Avanti has no sense of style. A senseless quest to look young all the time. How elegant she would look if she dressed like Karisma Kapoor. Parmeshwar looks like Dev Anand in that cap.

  6. Is Avanti Birla of Indian origin? Sorry, don’t mean to sound racist or anything. Just curious.

    Wow what toned bods these women have! They must workout like hell. Very inspiring.

    No comments about their fashion.

  7. I desperately want take all of Ms Godrej’s hats and hide them….

    And I don’t want to comment on Avanti Birla’s outfit and styling …..coz I don’t know where to start…..If I had that kinda money I wouldn’t venture out of my house looking like that…..

  8. these Page 3 socialites have all the money in the world to splurge on luxurious brand.. But they don’t have the class and style to put it all together… tacky tacky

  9. Avanti Birla’s dress (or shoud we say DR, it’s that abbreviated) is definitely age-inappropriate (as commented, it even makes Mrs. Godrej, who takes mutton-dressed-as-lamb to an art form, look classy by comparison), but Shenaz’s asinine remark is horrifically archaic and gender-inappropriate. The responsibility for rape rests, totally, with the doer and his perverted power obsessions, NOT WITH HOW WOMEN DRESS.


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