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Malaika and Jacqueline were spotted wearing Gucci’s satin shorts set recently but so very differently. While Malaika wore hers dressed up for a party, Jacqueline wore hers to the gym with sneakers.

Which way would you wear it?

Left: Malaika Arora at a Party
Right: Jacqueline Fernandez at Gym

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. A tricky outfit which can look tacky or toned down according to how it’s styled. For me personally, Malaika’s red mask along with the shiny red outfit put it in the former category. She might as well have worn red heels and carried a red bag to complete the look.

  2. Jacqueline looks a lot better than Malaika.
    Hard to understand Malaikas thought process in going to a party in these tacky clothes

  3. P&P – Curious which way would you wear it? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Don’t care much for the shorts but those (strong & fit) legs is what really gets our attention. someday..amen! #goals

  4. What times we live in !!

    One wearing gucci set to gym and other one wearing same set to party with heels.Alas, none of the looks were upto the mark.

    P.S.- Satin shorts to gym?! I mean sweat and satin material is not good combo.

    P.P.S. – Athleisure satin set with heels is not a good combo either.

  5. Given how loud this outfit is, Jacqueline wore it the right way – kept everything else understated (and didnโ€™t try to dress it up). Also, the fit on Malaikaโ€™s shorts and zipping up the jacket adds to the tackiness factor.

  6. Only goes to prove Malaika will wear anything that shows off her body without a care to whether its event appropriate or not. Jackie looks great in comparison coz there’s logic to it.

  7. Highly doubt its satin, it must be some hybrid material.
    It looks like gym/ sportswear and its by a high-end designer, I’m sure its fit for purpose.
    Besides, Jackie does have some common sense, she would have only picked this if it was appropriate.

    • I looked It up just now. It’s made of Acetate fabric.
      From the net(for those who might be interested)- Acetate is sort of natural, but not really โ€“ it’s a manufactured fiber, like nylon and polyester, but derived from a natural source .
      It is made of cellulose fibres found in bamboo and wood for instance. It will bio- degrade the same as natural fibres.
      It has better moisture absorption properties as compared to other synthetic fibres.

  8. Both have beautifully toned pins and never let us forget that when they dress up or down. While Jaq was a tad better than Mal, a simple white shirt would have done wonders worn with the same pair of shorts. Sometimes(well most times) while wearing shiny separates, it is so much classier to tone down the shine on one item of the outfit, with a simple matte monotoned other half. Mal’s beautiful shoes don’t help in this case either. Other than that, both are amazingly gorgeous women and should be lauded for their fitness

  9. I get it now. Malaika will party hard and then head straight for the gym in the morning. The dress is actually perfect for this very specific scenario applicable only to her…
    That said, can’t look beyond her fit legs. Brb, heading to the gym for my leg day…

  10. If I wore that to a party, my mother will either disown me, or will worry thinking that I am losing my touch with sensibilities!!


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