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Making appearances in character were these ladies with Deepika sporting her bindaas look as ‘Veronica’ from Cocktail and Sonakshi her desi one from Rowdy Rathore.

Who else thinks these appearances are just too much over-exposure. A cricket commentary show?

Left: Deepika Padukone on Extra Innings
Right: Sonakshi Sinha on CID Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Love that peachy color on deepu’s lovely skintone. her legs n bod r rockin, of course! but more than anything love that she fixed her eyebrows, finally!! they’re not wierdly overarched anymore. sona looks pretty but ya doesnt match up to deeps

  2. I agree completely on the over exposure part. These days, the movie characters even start making appearances in serials which is ridiculous.
    Cant be bothered about there clothes here though.

    • +1. I mean,yeah,it started off as a new way to promote movies,but dat was lyk decades ago! Move on guys please! SRK announcing the wedding of a couple in some zeetv show and all…drab!

  3. Do not care for deepika’s shorts, but she looks beautiful for a day at the beach. She has the most beautiful face and a superb figure. Love her

  4. In character is SO annoying. Esp when the characters have to wear a Chaddi on a cricket show. Excuse my lang but Deepika could have portrayed sexy wild child Veronica in other ways…

    As for Sonakshi….no comments…:/

  5. Nobody else thinks Deepika’s in character appearances basically all look the same? This wild child thingie has been going on for a while. Great stems, but do I *have* to see them in entirety?

  6. How is shorts and tank top any sort of look. thats what ppl wear when they r sick at home, if your out in public wearing that its called being badly dressed.


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