Imitation: The Best Form Of Flattery?

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Uncanny, isn’t it? A “dress wearing” Sameera in a sari and striking almost the same pose!

Hate the hair and hate the waist chain even more!

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  1. She is trying to copy Shilpa Shetty and Katrine.But neither does she have Shilpa’s body and attitude nor does she have Katrina’s prettiness and personality!I really where is “she”?

  2. I don’t know whom she is trying to copy. The over-madeup and cakey makeup from Shilpa maybe and the style from Katrina maybe.. But like anon said, she doesnt have the class of Katrina nor the trim bod of Shilpa.

  3. yuk that girl is so pathetic urghhhhhh wat is she trying are peopel blind or is she just very insecure …mind u with a face like hers and a personality like hers one would be wouldn’t they stupid wannabe ,,,,i hate people like that must be irritating for katrina actually may just be funny to sit nd watch someone try nad be like u when they just REALLLY are not idiotic girl

  4. Sam, is absolutely beautiful in real life, dark and dusky – which does not appeal to the Indian mentality of fair and lovely. Cheesy pose, but lovely girl. About Katrina having class, and Shilpa bod, agree on both counts, but it does not make Sam any less.


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