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Individually, all the pieces of Ileana’s outfit were rather boring yet there is no denying that she still shone in the red bandage dress.

Ileana D’Cruz at Barfi! Trailer Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • ha!….if she had a heavier chest,you would still call it inappropriate, if she didn’t have well defined hip area,you’d say ‘she has no curves!’

      some people are just never happy!

      • Its not criticizing her body shape or something. Nobody is perfect. But the point we have so many design houses putting their creativity to best is that we can choose whatever we can to look our best. Its always best to flaunt your curves, but in a way that looks appealing.

  1. Yes… she is bottom heavy..
    and she always felt its a thing to flaunt… actually people down south here feel its sexy..
    and i think this dress is elivating what she wants to elivate..
    I love that shade of red.. and she is definetely working it!

  2. i actually don’t think she looks good neck up either. Not liking her makeup or hair. She looks almost sunburnt for some reason


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