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Ileana promoted her upcoming movie and was seen first in a paisley print dress and then in a Khanijo blazer and Ayesha Depala pants combo. Between the two, much preferred her in the dress. The separates look just may have been more effective if the pants didn’t feel so very over sized on her. Actually scratch that. That bralet is also killing it for me.

Ileana D’Cruz

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I wonder what makes these Bollywood “stars” so desperate. They have atleast 500k? or 1M followers on social media, those numbers are unattainable for the common junta. Somebody is looking at them daily……..
    They atleast get C or D grade movies if not A grade…

    I bet cabbies and auto walas and street hawkers recognize them in Mumbai and want a selfie with them. They have wikipedia pages 😛
    WHAT makes them walk around with their bras exposes like this?

  2. Why so much skin show , esp in the name of feminism.
    I am pretty sure if a guy turns of in chest baring outfit or ganji or thigh high short at any event he would be ridiculed and would be deemed inappropriate and may be cheap.
    Why do women need to do so for sake of being able to do what they want.
    Fake feminism is it?!
    This particular post might not be 100pc in that category but 90pc of others are, all those unnecessarily cleavage showing n dangerously high slit or length outfits .
    Why are we hell bent on treating ourselves as show pieces.

    • Yes, I have been thinking the same thing too. Young girls get conditioned to show their skin all the time. I mean it is difficult to buy clothes for 7-8 year that doesn’t reveal half their butt, shorts, skirts everything has to be short/ short. Any formal event- you see guys covered from head to toe and women exposed from head to toe. Whoever came up with these dressing standards? I shudder to think what would happen in next 10-20 years. Maybe women coming in their undies to formal events and not expect anyone to stare at them and claim they can dress however they want to would be the new normal.

        • anyone who believes Bollywood stars stand for anything at all — least of all feminism — is delusional. the women, especially, are puppets on a string in an industry controlled by men. even the single top star who calls herself a feminist — very, very few do, for fear of rubbing up the patriarchal industry the wrong way, or being labelled ‘difficult’– will adopt her husband’s name after marriage and say, well, that’s my free choice.

    • That’s EXACTLY what I said in a comment, P&P censored it!
      We never see men in cut off shorts, or with their chest bare.

      Celebrity women frequently champion the “cause” of women by saying, her upper body is being sexualized by men.
      Celebrity women are NEVER fully clothed for any event

      They bare it all, be it for a movie promotion, red carpet event, or ramp, or late night talk show….. mostly at talk shows their skirts are so short, they cannot sit still facing the camera, even the slightest movement captures everything.

      The male celebrity guest sitting by them is in jeans or pants, covered from collar bone to toes!

  3. Illena or her stylist, please stop. In the name of fashion, do not belittle yourself. Dignity and grace trumps style and trends. In a land where men look down on women, give them something to look up to, strength, character and class. I have nothing against flaunting what you have… if you so wish. But do so with the utmost grace. Rock on!

  4. You are too kind to call it a bralet. It’s ridiculous, whatever it is. We have moved from “cover up everything” to “uncover everything”. Hoping we find a balance at some point.

  5. It’s not even in the name of fashion
    Ever since she got divorced and ventured back into movies Ileana 2.0 is baring all for attention. But its the wrong attention. Beauty is beauty covered up without showing bras , cleavage and butts but in the name of glamour women are being reduced to eye popping accessories.
    And its such a wrong example for teens who’s instagrams are filled with suggestive poses and clothes thinking this is the modern way to be


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