Wearing The ‘Skinny’: A Face Off

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Who was the one to wear her pair of ‘Skinny’ denims better?


Nina Manuel (Left) And Nethra Raghuraman (Right) At Il Terrazo

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. definately the lady with the purple top (is that nina?) because she balances the skinny jeans with a looser yet pretty top and great accessories..Nethra on the other hand is too tight all over..even though she clearly has a great body, it’s just too much and too 80’s…

  2. Nina! Simply because I like the volumninous-skinny combo. Nethra’s thin enough to carry off her outfit, but it’s not a good idea on principle

  3. nina manuel – better colour combination, and i think the contrast of a looser top with tighter jeans works better

    nethra looks weird – and those shoes seal the deal

  4. a word of free advise to those who like to wear skinny pants, you have to have long lean Shilpa looking legs to get a way with it otherwise you will look like a dwarf and it will make your waist look really big. “its me the real me not the other fake me who uses my id, the above two comments are from me too”


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